Friday, May 28, 2010

Future Question

The media has changed so much over the years and I’m sure it will keep on growing. 30 years ago the paparazzi barley existed. Movies were in black and white. Cameras were big and bulky and colour printers didn’t exist. No the media is on celebrities back all the time. They do the slightest thing wrong and its everywhere.

Movies have also changed so much. Now a days movies are animated, edited and majorly changed all by computers. Just think of what movies where like back when our parents were our age. Hard to imagine isn’t it.

All the things that have changed have made our world evolve, but is it growing too quickly. I a few years what is our world going to be like? Are we going to have robots take care of our family? Will we not have to do jobs anymore because computers will do them for us? THE QUESTIONS NEVER END!!!!!!!

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Friends. What would we do without them? I know I have a friend when I feel joy when I am around the person and when I can see that they have joy when they see me too. Friendship is a special gift of connection that is woven together by a mixture of love, trust, common likes and sometimes even common dislikes. I think it’s better when friends connect through the things they like rather then the things they dislike, because connecting through dislikes usually leads to gossip, while connecting through the things we

like to do leads to a lot of fun.

Friends are people who are there whenever you need them. If your crying they’ll be there to cheer you up. If you just need someone to talk too they are listening to what you have to say. And they really care, and they really listen. Friends just care about you. You are special to them and they are special to you. It’s about a special kind of love. A love that’s free of all the weirdness that other forms of love can have. Good friendship is a pure thing. It’s white in a grey world.

A good friend is hard to find, but a friendship that will last a lifetime is even harder to find. Some people seem to make friends more easily than others. Some people seem to have hundreds of friends. They brag about having literally hundreds of Facebook friends. I am not sure how you can be really good friends with more than a few people. I care more about having a few good friends that I can really know and love than having hundreds of people I barely know. I also like to spend time with my friends face to face and I am getting kind of tired of virtual Facebook friends. I want to be able to actually experience my friends in real life – to play soccer together, to run and fall down together, to eat lots of popcorn and watch lots of movies and to laugh together at the stupid stuff that just seems to be part of our life.

Not only do your friends have to act like a friend, so do you. If you’re not very nice or helpful to your friends your friendship won’t last very long. Friendship is kind of like a garden. You have to plant it and water it and sometimes you even have to weed it a little. With the application of a fertilizer of love, honesty, faithfulness and joy, friendships can grow to last a lifetime.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Blog About Blogging

This week’s blog is about blogging as a part of our weekly LA class assignment. I want to ask the question, as a part of this weeks blog - Is the blogging we are doing is really what blogging is meant to be? Wasn’t blogging started as a way to personally express yourself without judgment? Isn’t the blogosphere supposed to be a place of complete freedom where our own distinct personalities are allowed to run wild in creative writing? Isn’t there something a little off when we get graded on our blogs when they are expressions of our personal thoughts? What makes my thoughts better (or worse) then your thoughts? I guess the question is – is there a difference between a blog, which is an expression of our unique personal thoughts, and an essay, which is usually an assignment, which we get graded for?

On a basic level there are differences between blogs and essays in their structure and purpose. Blogs can be any length, but are usually short (like a paragraph or maybe a few paragraphs), while an essay has to have at least five paragraphs (1 introduction, 3 body and 1 conclusion paragraphs) and has a specific structure. Blogging it supposed to be a short and creative expression of our personal opinions or an update about what’s going on in our or other people’s lives (I guess if it’s about other peoples lives that would be gossip). An essay can be about any topic and is supposed to express an idea or thought which may have nothing to do with what we really think or care about. Essay topics are usually assigned and we do them because we need the grade. An essay is more like work, while a blog should be more like love. At least that’s what I think.

So, if we are really doing a personal blog should we be graded on it? I am not sure. I think that doing the blog is a great idea and doing it is helping me (I hope) become more experienced with writing and expressing myself. But I don’t personally like getting graded on my blog, as this seems to devalue my personal thoughts about whatever I decided to write about. How can my ideas be of less or more value than yours? Isn’t the real value of the blogosphere the freedom that exists in the uncontrolled and unjudged character of blogging?

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Monday, May 17, 2010


My name is Emilie Marie Pollard. It’s who I’ve always been and who I will always be. Emilie comes from a French origin and means eager, ambitious and industrious. Marie is the French form of Mary and means wished for child, star of the sea, or bitter sea. Pollard is an English name that means either a knight with a broad sword, a tree that is trimmed to have a flat top, or a type of hair cut that students at oxford had during the middle ages. In French, Pollard (or Poularde) may also mean a fat chicken.

In my family it is a tradition that kids are named after their grandparents. Emilie (or Emily) came from both of my grandmothers and Marie came from my mom and my great Aunt. I think it’s really cool to be named after people from my families history and to be able to carry on the good things that these people lived for. On the other hand, this tradition may be related to a total lack of creativity in my family, which makes it completely impossible for them to think of new names.

Some may say my name suits me others may disagree. I personally think it does in some ways, but it also doesn’t. The question I have for you is this: do you think my name suits me? Is there a better name that might suit me? Can you come up with three new possibilities? If I translate my name from the language and culture of origin, it would be – Eager wished for child fat chicken.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


Some people when they hear the word the future they sometimes think in the next year or in the next millennium. In the movie Wall E, the world gets so filled up with garbage that the people have to move to outer space. I was wondering if it would be possible for the same thing to happen here on earth. But the possibility of that happening is very rare.

It is possible for the world to get filled up with garbage but that is in the distant future. If something like that ever does happen, I wonder what we would do to solve the problem. If we did happen to move into outer space, I think that some things might be like the movie Wall E.

Some of the positives to moving to outer space if the world does fill up with garbage is that there will be a clean place to live. If we did live in a world full of garbage, the toxic chemicals that would come off the rotting garbage could not be very healthy for us. Up in space there wouldn’t be any gravity so it would be very fun to float around in but I’m sure most places on the space ship will have gravity. On of the major differences is that people will be walking not in hover chairs. Therefore people will be in better shape then they are in the movie Wall E.

Some of the negative to moving to space, we might one day run out of oxygen. One thing that we would have to figure out is how we will take that much oxygen to the outer space with us. Another thing is that people will take this as a major vacation, not as another place to live.

Although there are many negatives and positive to moving to outer space if the world gets full of garbage. That would be, hopefully, in the distance future.

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Monday, April 19, 2010


Are uniforms really necessary? Are they really doing us a favor? Some find uniforms helpful and others find them excruciating. There are many pros and cons to uniforms but if you actually have to wear them it may be easier to find the negatives.

Uniforms tend to cause less hassle in the morning. This is because you don’t have to spend hours finding the perfect outfit to wear to school. Along with that you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Uniforms can also help families save money by not having to buy expensive trendy new clothes every few months. Uniforms are usually made out of stronger more durable materials, and because of this they don’t need to be replaced quite as often.

Some of the negatives related to wearing uniforms are that they make us all look the same and can trend to strip us of our individuality. While there is efficiency in this uniformity in terms of getting dressed quickly and eliminating class differences between different family economic positions, it still inhibits our capacity to express our individual character and creativity. There is a cost to this suppression of individual expression and I think many of our more artistically minded students suffer from this forced uniformity. To help with this, I believe that we should all be able to accessorize our uniforms with our own unique and modest accessories. There could be limits to the kind of accessories allowed (kind and size), but this could open the door to greater personal expression of our own unique identities.

Although uniforms can be very helpful, they strip us of our individuality.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Warm and sunny, swimming, tanning, and most importantly NO SCHOOL. Summer is my favourite time of the year. Over the summers I remember, I have been on many great vacations, but if I had to pick one of them as my favorite, it would have to be our vacation to Hawaii for my 12th birthday.

When my family went to Hawaii for my 12th birthday we did so much stuff. One of the things that I will always remember it going scuba diving. My sister, my dad and I all got our scuba diving license that year. To get our license we first did our classroom and pool work in Ontario. We had to pass a very long written test at the end of the course. If we passed the test, which we all did, we then had to pass a two day practical dive test where we had to dive to a 60 foot depth. We decided to do our dive test in Hawaii, where we could dive in the ocean. When we arrived in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, we had to go scuba diving for two days to pass the practical exam. On the second day of the dive test we went to the house of turtles, which was a large shelf on the ocean floor where sea turtles come and are cleaned by fish. When we dived on this site we got to see many different kinds of fish and some very large sea turtles. At the end of the day we all had our licenses.

My birthday was also another thing I will remember. I turned 12 while we were away on our vacation and this made our time in Hawaii even more special for me. On the day of my birthday we had moved from the island of Kauai, to the island of Molokai. The morning of my birthday was not very nice because it was raining, but once the rain stopped we went to the beach. Instead of making a cake we went out and bought a cake that had been flown in from the big island of Hawaii. We watched the sunset while sitting on the beach eating cake.

I also just loved swimming in the ocean and playing in the waves as they broke on the beach by our house. Altogether it was a very fun vacation!

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